Dollar Wise System Earner for SFI.

My name is  Elizabeth Welcome.

Join our SFI Team. Generating a real income online.

I want to introduce you to my SFI mentor, Maree.

She has been achieving SFI Gold Team Leader since 2013.

Over the years she has worked hard to find the best of the best, wasting thousands of dollars and hours testing the good from the ugly.  She has come up with a system so unique, so powerful she has trouble handling the influx of new down-line members in her own organization. 

If you simply do what she has been doing --  we will share our new members with those in our team that show they are duplicating and participating. 

Step #1:   Sign up FREE at SFI!  This is our Main Core Program.


Be sure to Lock in your entry when signing up to SFI.


Step #2:  Any SFI member can earn Rewardicals by promoting Maree's ECA Store. Just change my SFI id to yours.


Step #3:    Sign up with GDI.

This is the backbone of my business. 

Giving you that professional look when you send a SFI training website link to your down line.
Maree my sponsor has been a member since 2009. She design's our websites for all my SFI  down line and A2A friends.
I stress log in and work from your GDI website daily.
Then you can flick to it when you need reference participating at SFI.
Team Support is the key to success.
This is how Maree exploded her SFI down line to over 2578 combined Psa and Csa within 7 months. View her Genealogy Report for April 2018 at the left. 

Now in 2018 Maree has a combined total of 0ver 20,000 Combined Psa and Csa.


Maree charges a One off fee if you would like her to design your SFI Training Page.  Changing my links to yours.


SFI provides total support. Click a smiley face for answers

Internet Garage Sale. Join in now!

Did you know, our store is your personal store?


As an SFI affiliate, you are more than a customer! You are our partner.
To sell all our items, simply change my SFI id you see to yours.
You can then  share it with your potential customers in many different ways.
Including e-mail, social media network, blog post, and many other ways.
Register to receive our SFI boot camp training today.
By purchasing your shampoo, vitamins, electronics, clothing, gifts...etc you are in turn, supporting YOUR OWN business.
While introducing your family and friends also to this great business opportunity FREE.

NO out of pocket expenses as you will be purchasing what is already added to your house hold budget. 

In return you are rewarded with every purchase...

Start spreading the word and sharing your Triple clicks link building your client base, generating repeat sales..
Learn how to share via e-mail, social media network, blog post, and many other ways.

Got a business. Need a website, Triple your sales.  Apply to be an ECA Rewardical Seller.


If you have ever wanted to create a successful online business, you've come to the right place.
It takes experience - which can take you years to develop... or... which can be provided to you FREE.
The real test is not about earning in the first few months.
It should be about setting up your network and setting goals to start growing that nest egg. 
You could spend thousands of dollars else where, believing all the hype.
Or follow Our Dollar Wise Plan I will provide to you FREE.

First before reading on. SET up your SFI Network.
Apply to receive your Commissions Via A Master Card Or PayPal.
Click above the Grey Box Income > Scroll down and click Collection option.
Tick the Circle to select your preferred option for payments. Click the Green Button Submit.
THEN Click Above the Grey Box MY Account > Scroll down and click Account Info.
Add your pay pal email to receive commissions.
My Gateways. Is where you find your Promotional Links.
If you hover your mouse over My Reports then a column will appear at the right.
Click MY VP Ledger and blast your way though to receive VP rewards climbing the SFI leader ship ladder.

If you could invest in the buying power of a huge team.
Benefiting from all the work they do and receiving rewards for the merchandise they purchase. 
Would you be interested?  I thought so!  

Invest your T Credits! Win T Credits! Invest in EZ games! Invest in PB Auctions! Invest in TC Direct products. 🌹 🌸

MOST IMPORTANT>   log into SFI Via this page. Never Via Emails.

SFI Log into back office.                            https://www.sfimg.com/
Set up a standing order.                            https://www.tripleclicks.com/detail.php?item=212474
Every Sunday Check Tracking results      https://www.sfimg.com/PowerTools/HitTracking

Check your Email address is secure.        http://www.haveibeenpwned.com

Now That You're Here, Let's Get You Paid.

Apply for your Auto - Responder Account.

Join Traffic Wave.  Here is where you can access your own SFI Reference Library.


Register free to receive Maree's  boot camp training.  Wipe the slate clean.
Set up a new G Mail address then register, making sure you never miss any important updates.
Do not use this new G Mail address for anything else apart from receiving my updates.

As you receive the articles duplicate them designing your Campaign at Traffic Wave.

SFI Campaign Series      Log into Traffic Wave and Duplicate Marees Training articles she has designed.

Autoresponder ID Number:       336602     5 digit code: 17848  

Struggling. YOU may purchase via Maree's Fiverr Store.


1) Promote Your SFI Offers!

2) Show Others How To Do The Same!

3) Keep it Simple! Keep it Profitable!

View the down line builder programs we all use to blast our SFI Promotions. .

Back office access for SFI videos and training articles Maree has designed.




Maree has designed a Unique Advertising System at DWSearner.

Log into DWSEarner. Click above ADDS. Add your SFI Triple Clicks and DWSEarner promotional links.
Then Click Above Affiliate. Copy and Paste your Promo Wall link. Then Click Down line builder.

Go and add your Promo Wall link at all the sites you see listed.

This will rotate your promoting for all your links at these sites.  Remember your team will duplicate the same system.

Start with baby steps that will generate into giant leaps.  Creating quite the snow ball effect.
Your earnings will grow larger day by day, month by month year by year.

What is BETTER than 1,000 active SFI referrals?

5-20 Different Down line builder Sites your referrals will join on Auto Pilot.

 Everyone knows that you make money at SFI daily by participating and promoting and getting referrals....

but what if ALL the new members who joined after you went under you?

 Well, that is EXACTLY what happens when you join Our Dollar Wise System Earner!

Introducing your team to your GDI SFI Training Website.

They will duplicate the same system.

Generating Numerous Different Income Resources While Simply Promoting SFI Daily.


To be a successful Internet Marketer, you need to wisely use your time& advertising budget or it will be like trying to run in quicksand.
So lets make GOOD things happen to YOU, starting now! I am very excited to see how my Team Builds in 2015.
Let's face it, advertising is a numbers game.

The more your ad is shown, the higher percentage of click-through and sales you will convert.
Next Step. Decide what hours you wish to dedicate to your SFI Business.
The beauty is you wake up, then just walk over to your computer.
Sit Down and you are ready to go. YOU decide what hours you want to work,
YOU can reshuffle your time table if you need to spend time with the kids at school etc.
YOU determine your results. The more you participate the more rewards you will receive in return.


Use your T Credits to grab FREE Advertising for SFI.


YOU will also earn at SFI when any of your down line purchase.

WARNING. Stay well away from ClickAd Xpress. Worst scam on line

Select the package you wish to purchase.

Click add to Cart. Click Continue to Check out You will see the order form.

Enter your Area code email etc.

Check all empty boxes have the details entered click Continue

Tick Payment box you wish to use.

Wait to verify box to appear then tick. Example I used T Credits.

It will read Your cart totals may have changed.

Please verify the new totals Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click

I have reviewed and agree to the Triple Clicks Terms & Conditions. Click the box at the right Place MY Order.


Video Training. 

https://youtu.be/4YVeemYMDeI      SFI Tips by Maree.
https://youtu.be/Bgr_KWlKCRA       SFI Start Daily plan to follow.
https://youtu.be/itp9UdGhiVI          SFI Launch Pad.

https://youtu.be/AUDkTQ18Yh8      Maree's ECA Store.

U tube video Maree Paid to be designed in 2015. How to Set up SFI advertising at DWSEarner.

This is no "pie in the sky". SFI is the real McCoy!



NMP Pack only available for the first 10 days of signing up.


The New Member Pack comes loaded with EVERYTHING you need to get your
Triple Clicks membership off to a powerful start: (These rewards may change since this publication.)
* 750 Rewardical Tokens you can exchange for Silver bullion, TCredits, Bitcoin, and other goodies!
* 50 mighty TCredits. 3 CSAs added to your team. 500 VersaPoints.
* PLUS...A FREE BONUS: 30 free entries in the TripleClicks Daily Crown drawing.
The total value of this New Member Pack is $70.50...but as a new Member, you can get it for just $20 (a $50.50 savings)! That's a what we call a slam-dunk barga

But don't delay. This special pack is ONLY available for your first 10 days as a Triple Clicks Member!

In To Win.  Be sure to Lock in your entry when signing up to SFI.


Others try to duplicate SFI but never achieve the same success.

Disappearing into the night in a few short months.

"You can have anything you want in life if you will help enough other people get what they want." ~ Zig Ziglar
"A leader's job is to look into the future and see the organization not as it is, but as it can become." --Unknown
"Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel.
If people believe in themselves it is amazing at what they can accomplish." --Sam Walton

How much can you earn with Our Dollar Wise Network.
You Decide Your Level Of Earnings.
The more participation the higher your rewards. Paying System 12 Levels Deep.
YOU earn money whenever you refer a new customer that sets up a standing order at SFI.
Makes purchases from your ECA Triple Click Store.
Win cash and prizes daily with the Gaming Opportunities. Paid for shopping and selling, supporting other ECA Stores.
SFI is drop dead simple.  Refer. Sponsor. Duplicate.   No need to make it more complicated than it seems.

Set your goals monthly and for the first year work every day towards achieving that goal.

Gery Carson's Quote.

Did you know that you usually have to fail, multiple Times. Before you get to success? 

It was true for me and probably will be true for you too. Persist until you win.

Maree's Quote. By learning to create your own lead system by following Our Dollar Wise Plan.

You can then co-op that system with those you refer into SFI for maximum leverage.
Yes, support is critical, but lead generation is the life line of your SFI business.

Start Daily to Do At SFI.  Check all emails for Launch Pad Training.

Click All Red Tabs Green. Including the Alerts Tab.

These Tabs may change as SFI update the website..

Spend half an hour reading the Forum and SFI News Letters.