By learning to create your own lead system at GDI! You can then co-op that system with those you refer into SFI for maximum leverage. Yes, support is critical, but lead generation is the life of your business. 

This gives you numerous streams of different income resources.

SFI looks overwhelming  but it is drop dead simple. Start with baby steps, that will turn into giant leaps.
Participate daily at SFI. Then move on to promoting SFI and GDI at the Sale Generating Lead Sites daily.

Your down line will follow you into these sites. No need to promote them. Giving you numerous different Income resources.

This Is A Must.     Always log into your website Maree will design for you.  Here is where your sales generating site links will be listed.  This avoids email hacking and logging in Via Fishing emails. Remember the internet can be a very dangerous place for Newbies just starting.  Never believe everything you read.

Enter SFI checking your VP ledger daily.    https://www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/MyReports/VPLedger?referrer=search

GDI back office.                                               htps://www.website.ws/members/index.dhtm

Welcome to our Dollar Wise Network.

My name is Elizabeth Freites. Welcome to my Team..

This page is all the proof you need to succeed.  Maree teams GDI with SFI Winning Combination. Proven and Paying her since 2009.

This is the plan you need to follow.  Do not skim through this page.

YOU need to read to succeed with SFI.

Maree's Words of Wisdom to follow daily. Yes the party is still going strong.

Change your mind set. I feel $30 for a standing order is a great investment. It is not about the money. I feel it is about the friendships we all make, the games we can play. The hours we are entertained. I love SFI the earnings are a great bonus.
gives us our domain with a sales generating leads program to promote SFI and GDI. Trusting and honest sites I have been an upgraded member with since 2009-2011.
We use these sites solely to promote SFI and GDI.

It is very rare that I do not achieve the $100 bonus at GDI weekly for referring 5 members in a week. I also achieve the $250 monthly with having 10 of my down line achieve their GDI training bonus. Normally also our GDI Dollar Wise group achieves our monthly GDI Team bonus we all share. 

SFI. It is very simple.  Put into action our Three Step Plan.   For our Team Success. YOU need to participate.
I have my Top Movers ready to  Reassign PSA members to your down line.
1. Become an Executive (EA)
2. Recruit five affiliates by promoting SFI at the sales generating leads program sites. Listed at your GDI website.
Then transfer 5 new recruits underneath them at SFI and GDI.
3. Teach your five affiliates to do these same three steps.

I purchase T Credits as my standing order. I bid in double MRP Actions I then use my MRP points to get more T Credits to bid.   This will also guarantee your Fast Track Bonus.

Follow the instructions to claim your GDI Bonus. Great rewards for participation.  


Remember work from these two pages. Read and Read them again. 



Have them open in a second browser window when participating at SFI or GDI. 

Then you can flick to them for reference.  


Shows how to send Psa ECards  Plus How to send messages Via the Genealogy tab.

The time consuming part is setting up your sales generating leads program. Then it is very simple. Just log in allocate your credits. Promoting SFI on Auto Pilot. Newbies guide. http://www.dollarwise.ws/ClixSense

I thought I would share my favorite Launch pad training link.

Everyone dreams of owning their own business.

Normally you need $1000's in reserve to start. Then you need to keep injecting more revenue to establish your business.

Business people all over the world will tell you. It takes normally three years to establish a business. Before you start to see any sort of returns.

I speak from experience. I have been running my own business Maree Designs for over 25 years.
The beauty is YOU have YOUR store.

Think seriously about the benefits of setting up a standing order. 

If everyone follows this plan you would be earning 12 levels deep.
Imagine if all our down line Invest just $36.25 Monthly. You will be earning 12 levels deep.

Let's do this...

If you are like me, you've searched the Internet over and over, wasting lots of time and money with "get rich quick" businesses that turned out to "be pie in the sky" fairy tale's.

It is best to promote fully one program and gain success rather than trying to promote 5-10 with no signups. For Newbies the internet can be a very dangerous place, if you believe everything you read.

The KEY to SUCCESS is communicating with your down line. By joining my Dollar Wise Network.  This supplies you with the means. Only promoting GDI and SFI at my sales generating lead sites you see listed . Be aware of scams. If your site is not listed here then assume I have tested it and found it to be a waste of time and money.


Fact. 1000's of new sites launch daily. Only a few will still be on line in six months time.
Others try to duplicate SFI and GDI, but never achieve the same success.  Disappearing into the night in a few short months with all their members hard earned cash.

Step #1:  Want to jump start your SFI Business quickly.

Lock in Via Maree's Fiverr Store your traffic views for DWSEarner..

Free Referral Cash Back bonuses for all your members that purchase.


Step #2:Traffic Exchanges. Each exchange has different down line builders.  Maree has tested them and designed our own down line sales generating leads program. ONLY enter the ID's for the sites listed here.  Do not go wasting your time or money joining other sites. 

Maree has life time upgrades at all these sites.  She grabbed them when on special. These sites have been on line for years.

http://www.easyhits4u.com/? ref=jadequetzal  

Maree has been a member since 2010. Make this the first site to participate with. 

Traffic Exchanges   I log in daily and surf these sites in Rotation. Maree  started upgrading at a new one each Month with down line earnings. Example she just renewed her Years upgrade at Free Traffic Lotto for $41. Watch out for his one time offers.

Set N Forget. Earning while you sleep. Maree has been upgraded at all these sites since 2010 -2012

See how easy it is to build down line daily with being upgraded receiving random referrals and credits..

Log in at the beginning of each week. Allocate your credits. Advertising on Auto Pilot.

http://www.freetrafficlotto. com/?ref=jadequetzal

http://www.clickvoyager.com/? id=jadequetzal


Paid to Click promoting websites are a great way to promote SFI and GDI on Auto Pilot. Participate FREE.  

Only enter the sites listed at Dollar Wise in the down line builder sections.

These have been tested and proven for results.


Best Upgrade on line. $4  Per Month.   Log in Click the upgrade button and Receive 10,000 banner plus Tex credits to explode SFI and GDI down line. Plus 1000 Coop credits. building down lines on Auto Pilot. I also log in daily then tweet. 

Step #3:  These three social media networks have been established for years.

Maree has been using these Social Media Networks since 2010. Duplicate her  Profile. Changing her links to yours. Free to participate daily.

Make sure to log in daily after finishing at SFI. Blast your promoting FREE.

Internet Marketers - It's time.  It's time to do smarter advertising.  

Smarter advertising = better results => more money.

To be a successful Internet Marketer, you need to wisely use your time & advertising budget or it will be like trying to run in quicksand.

== So lets make GOOD things happen to YOU, starting now! I am very excited to see how my Team Builds in 2014. 

                               Remember to sign up at Safe lists with a Second G Mail Account.

 Submit Your Ad to thousands of
Opportunity Seekers!
Best upgrade around. Then just log in and blast your promoting.

Step #4:  V traffic Rush established 2010

This is a great site to participate daily at promoting SFI on Auto Pilot. Click, View, Promoting SFI daily. I have been throwing my banners in the Viral Pool at V Traffic Rush since 2010.


Your link will be displaying these banners. You earn 6 levels deep, Plus one of your banners will be shown on your down line promoting. 6 levels deep.


Training guide with banner links to add to V traffic Rush. See how big my down line has grown over the years.

Step #5: Cash in on Banners established 2010. 

I advertise my Cash in on Banners page daily. YOU can email all new members from within the site weekly introducing them to  SFI

I have been with their network since 2010.  All this for a one off fee of $10.

Sign up Then at the left read HOW IT WORKS>  http://www.cashinonbanners.com/?r=42544

Sign up with there partner sites. I participate daily here. Click View Promoting SFI and GDI on a daily basis.


http://hotlinkcycler.com/? elizaopal75



Maree's Best Tip.
I originally joined SFI in 2010. When the Christchurch Earthquakes hit in 2011. I was unable to access SFI.
As I had no computer access plus I had to organize relocating.
I did not have a standing order set in place. So I lost my account and all my team.
I was not stressed as I continued with GDI. Introducing all my down line from my Sales Generating lead sites to my GDI website
I reactivated my SFI account in June 2013.
I decided I would not reopen another shop, instead I transferred my store to Triple Clicks. Best decision I ever made.
I made sure to have a standing order set in place. This way no matter what the circumstances, my account will always stay active.

Do not give up before even starting. Many people join program after program without bothering to read the instructions. Jumping from site to site in search of that quick dollar, it never works.
It takes time dedication communication, duplication and most important promoting to achieve results.
Expecting everything for nothing, without involvement will result in nothing.

Treat SFI as a real job where you have to turn up to work. BUT instead of leaving home you go to your computer for the hour you are employed.

No other sites gives members such great free support, offering the Launch Pad daily training. Plus a step by step daily to do list.
If you follow it and complete the daily training, you will reap the rewards.
Others try to duplicate SFI and Triple Clicks, but never achieve the same success, disappearing into the night like the wind
blowing through.

Remember it will take a few months of promoting and communicating to start to see the results.
Then it will start to create quite a snow ball effect building larger day by day. Month by month. Year by year.

Words of encouragement. Be sure to view and read when you have some spare time Maree's blog.


I never mention my earnings,  because income levels will vary, depending on your skill, and knowledge with affiliate marketing. 

If you are a newbie you have not had the chance to learn yet. Just be sure to read the advice sent to you from your sponsor's. Participate daily at SFI learning as you go.

I let all down line know, that after seven months of putting into action and following my Dollar Wise plan for SFI.
I found it was achievable to be earning a full time income working with SFI.
Each member will generate their income by deciding how much effort etc they want to put into communicating, participating and promoting with SFI. This will determine their monthly outcome.
Don’t do anything else until you master SFI . Don’t put in a “half-baked” effort and expect it to work. Full focus, full effort, full investment of time and money is what is required. You have the plan now all you have to do is follow it.

Wrong way to Bid. Maree never bids when she sees Auto Bids. To many members get Auction Fever.

Always wait until it is below 5 seconds and shows the red line. 

You can purchase instant down line from Pro Profits ECA store.



Retails For: $270.00

Current Price:
Bidding was still going on.$141.03
SAVE 47%!

I pool our SFI coop money and purchase directly from Pro Profit for a lot less.

You will receive an email Via SFI.  If someone tries to hack your account.
Our monitoring system has alerted us that your SFI account has been accessed from a new device.  To ensure the security of your account, we require that all new devices be approved by the SFI account owner.

NOTE! If you did not just attempt to log into your account from a new device, you should IGNORE this message and you should NOT click the following link.

To approve this device, please click the following link:

It is the new security system put into place by SFI..
FIRST go to my SFI training website. Enter SFI Via my ECA link
This will ensure it is an email from SFI and not a fishing email.
When you enter SFI. It will state you need to verify an email they have just sent. NOW you know it is geniune.
Return to the SFI Email. Click the link.

If you have your information saved on computer. After you click the link
Make sure to delete your old log in information that shows top right for logging in.
Then enter Your SFI Id where the box says enter.
Your Password
Verification code will already be inserted.
Click enter.

If SFI ask you to reset password.  Scroll down to the middle of the page and enter where it asks for your password and to verify the password.

Elizabeth Freites's SFI Homepage

SFI provides total support. Click a smiley face for answers




SFI VS> Other Programs.       Maree's Words of Wisdom.

I feel SFI is the best business on line. Maree is a Gold Team Leader. She also have reached Level 5 in the leadership challenge.
How she achieves this is she read all her Launch pad training when she first joined.
You need to read to succeed. I have no need for SFI support as all the training is listed. :idea:
But you need to take the time to read it to understand how the system works.
As your team leader I am here to support and answer your questions.
View my competitions I offer monthly down line for participation.
I send E Cards to my top movers. I also weekly send training posts Via the Genealogy Tab.

So Please Keep an eye out for my Emails.

Duplicate all my posts. Changing my links to yours, before sending on to your down line.

Do not get frustrated. Start with baby steps that will generate into Giant Leaps. :mrgreen:
1. Read LAUNCHPAD..SFI Training for 1 month (stay above the green line..) Refer back often.
You will find all your answers to any questions you may have.
2. Important things to do for second month and upcoming months....TO DO LIST..

My rewards for achieving Gold Team Leader Monthly.
T Credit Bonus 16 TCredits earned $9.44 value
Second Home CSAs 196 CSAs awarded on April 11, 2014. $352.80 value

As long as you remain EA monthly. YOU earn from all these new assignments.
Imagine the earnings after six months of receiving all these new members monthly.
YOUR down line and earnings keep growing larger day by day...   :o

Currently in contention: YES.  To stay above the Green Line.
Just participate daily.

Sales Points. To Achieve Team Leader you will need 1500VP Points.

This is from purchases at your Triple Click Store, setting up standing orders etc.

https://www.tripleclicks.com/ tcsearch/vendor:tc
This is OUR store and by purchasing your shampoo, vitamins, electronics, clothing, gifts...

etc you are in turn, supporting YOUR OWN business.
No out of pocket expense.

YOU will be purchasing what already is added to your house hold budget.

Action Points.
Make sure when you log into SFI to read the home page.
Then click the Grey button TO DO LIST. 
Read then click the Blue Button to complete each individual task.

https://www.sfimg.com/ MyAccount/MyReports/VPLedger? referrer=search


View my training and blog sites for SFI.

SFI Waveline (underconstruction at the moment)

YOU GET $50 FREE, JUST FOR JOINING.  How often do you see this sort of promoting. I stay well away from this sort of advertising. To much hype. NO site can afford to offer this. Expecting to stay alive. They always disappear with all their members money in a few months time.

YES Maree was burnt in the beginning believing everything she read. We are so lucky as she has done all the donkey work for us.